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10 Steps to Master Student Apartment Decorating

You have your own apartment now! Awesome! But before you run down to the nearest Target, how
much do you know about apartment decorating?

Decorating an apartment can be tricky. You don’t want to slap some posters up; that’s what
everyone else does. But you also don’t have the money to hire your own interior decorator.

Even if you did, there are rules about apartment decor. You can’t put holes in the walls, for
example. There go all those neat ideas about floating shelves you saw on HGTV.

Making your small apartment a home away from home can be difficult. And unless you live and breathe interior design, you’ll need some help setting up your new home.

Check out our ten tips for student apartment decorating.

1. Apartment Decorating 101: Utilize Removable Wall Decals

Wall art is an easy way to make your home feel cozy. Whether you want a gallery wall of your favorite photos or one large focal piece, you’ll need to know how to put it up. But because you can’t put any holes in the walls, you need to get creative about apartment decorating.

You can always get removable command hooks. These hooks are available at most superstores, and they’re easy to install. Read the weight limits though, or else you’ll have pictures crashing down everywhere.

You can also look into removable wall murals. They’re easy to install and won’t ruin your walls.

2. Go with a Statement Rug

A carpet is the quickest way to make your apartment your home. But when it comes to apartments, we rarely get the carpeting that we want. Either it’s an odd color, or there’s no carpet at all.

That’s why a statement rug is a great way to bring personality into your home. Make sure to measure your room, so that you know what size of carpet to get.

When you pick a carpet, choose one with the colors you think you’ll decorate with. If you’re still not sure what kind of color scheme you want, then pick one with many colors. That way you’ll have a greater chance of finding something to match your new carpet.

3. Think About Your Daily Routine

Apartments don’t have much space, so you need to be ruthless about what you keep. You might think every apartment needs a dining room table, but what if you eat all your meals on the couch?

This goes for study spaces too. Some college love to have their own desks, while others plop down at the dining room table to write their papers.

So before you buy a bunch of furniture you won’t use, think hard about how you use your current house.

4. Consider Furniture Size Before Aesthetics

That super cool purple couch might look amazing in Pottery Barn. But it might be too big for your new apartment, and make it look smaller.

One way to find the right size furniture is to keep a list of your room sizes. Store it on your phone so that you can pull it up whenever you see something you like.

If the color of the furniture isn’t your favorite, then you can paint it or recover it.

5. Find Multi-Use Furniture

Space is a commodity in apartment decorating. Although you can’t add floating shelves, find ottomans and couches with hidden storage.

You can also incorporate storage into your apartment decorating. If you enjoy the vintage style, then an old steamer trunk could be a great focal point in your room. It’ll also double as a place to put old books or clothing.

6. Give Every Room a Color Scheme

Now that you have some of the basics down, you’re ready for the fun part of apartment decorating. You can choose a whole theme for your apartment, like Hollywood or meditative retreat.

But if that’s not your style, then you should start small. Choose a different color scheme for every room, and go from there. Your kitchen could be primary colors, while your living room is rose gold and green. Breaking it up into color groups makes it easier to buy items that match.

7. Add More Variety with Throw Pillows

If you’ve found the perfect couch, but something is still missing, add some throw pillows.

Throw pillows can add pops of color to make your room seem brighter. They can also bring texture. Choose throw pillows with interest embroidery, or fuzzy ones in different colors.

8. Update the Hardware

If you can’t stand the knobs on your cabinets, switch them out with ones you like. You can buy matching ones from a hardware store. Or if you want something more eclectic, use whatever strikes your fancy. That way you can tell guests the cups are in the cabinet with the elephant handle.

Remember to be very careful with the old handles. You have to replace everything at the end of your lease, so don’t lose anything!

9. Repurpose Sentimental Items

College is the last time in your life you’re going to get away with having a wall for funny memes. After this, people expect you to have fine art or something.

So allow yourself to be sentimental. Do you have a favorite childhood book? Make it into wall art or a coffee table book. Love video games? Use your Fallout Bobble Head as a bookend.

Now we don’t recommend inviting your boss at your internship back to your gaming heaven. But other students will love it, and it’ll be a conversation starter.

10. Get a Plant

Plants are the new goldfish, and they require a lot less skill. If you have a green thumb, you can try a houseplant or a fern.

If you’re not sure about keeping your plant alive, get something that’s low-maintenance. Aloe plants and cacti are perfect for adding life without a lot of extra work.

Ready to Find Your New Apartment?

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